Wembley Park

We recently worked on a project close to Wembley Park in London; a problem that had been ongoing for five years. There was a section of drain beneath the roadway that had collapsed, near to a clothing factory and a number of private houses. Our client was the solicitor who was acting on behalf of the insurance company.

The private houses had been vacated, and the insurance company had temporarily re-housed the inhabitants until the drain repairs could be agreed upon and completed. For five years the case had been dragging on; nobody could agree on who was responsible for the potentially expensive works required to fix the collapsed drain.

The insurance company believed the drain was the responsibility of the local water authority or the borough council; both of these said they were not responsible as this particular drain was on a private road. Although the drain was beneath a private road, there were several properties on it; the road was heavily used and had numerous cars parked upon it every day. As well as all of this, the road was the single access point for the clothing factory, which required 24-hour access to the building.

Five years into this dispute, the insurance company faced a problem: there was no company on their approved list of contractors who were able to deal with such a complex issue. Meanwhile they were still paying for the inhabitants of the private houses to live in alternative accommodation while the collapsed drain was dealt with.

London Drain Solutions became involved in order to liaise with the solicitors, the insurance companies and the private drainage consultant that had been contracted to oversee the project. We also liaised with the owners of the clothing factory, local residents and the Highways Department and the borough council in order to arrange road closure and complete the required works.

We located an alternate access route for the clothing factory and residents were compensated for the loss of parking spaces, and we were finally able to close the road. Extensive repair works were carried out, taking approximately four weeks to complete.

Our management team held numerous meetings with all concerned parties to ensure everyone was kept informed of progress.

Once the drainage repair works were completed, the drains were reinstated to full working order and local residents were able to move back into their homes after five years. All parties were happy with the end result, and the project was completed on time and within budget.

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