For drain repairs and solutions in Putney get in touch with London Drain Solutions. We have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with drainage problems so whatever your problem, and however complicated it is, we can help.

Can my drains be repaired without digging?

No-dig drain repairs are very popular, and with good reason. When possible, we can use patch lining or reline a section of your pipework. We can also re-round collapsed pipes – all without the need to dig a trench. We can access damaged pipes from the nearest inspection chamber and in many cases we can repair from there, without the need to dig. Trenchless drain repair can be a quick and cost effective way to resolve drainage problems.

How do I know if my drains can be repaired?

We are happy to visit your property in Putney and assess the situation. Once we have fully surveyed the area we will advise you of the best course of action. We will provide a free quote for any work required in order to restore your drains to full working order. We have years of experience and can usually tell whether a drain can be repaired remotely or will require some digging.

What if my drains cannot be repaired without digging?

In some cases it is necessary to excavate and reinstate drains. We have many years of experience in excavating drains in Putney and will carry out all work with minimal fuss or disruption. We also have Street Works licenses so we can work on streets and in other public area if the need arises.

What if my drainage problem in Putney is complicated?

We are experts in complicated drainage problems, in Putney and further afield. We have worked on many drainage problems with several interested parties and difficult situations. With each project we appoint a dedicated project manager who will liaise with all interested parties, from insurance companies and the Highways Agency to your neighbours and local council. We aim to remove the stress involved in having drainage work done, managing the situation for you and getting everything resolved as quickly as possible.

Can I claim on my insurance for drainage repairs?

Many buildings insurance policies will cover damage to drains within the bounds of your property. We work with our own loss adjuster who can help to ensure your claim is processed quickly and smoothly. We have worked with clients in and around Putney to help their insurance claim for drainage work and we can do the same for you.

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