What is drain excavation?

Drainage excavation involves digging a trench or hole in order to access a section of drainage pipework.
When a section of drain pipe is damaged, and relining or re-rounding is not an appropriate option, we can excavate your drains and replace the affected pipework before reinstating.

When is drain excavation necessary?

If a drainage pipe is leaking, has a severe and persistent blockage or has collapsed entirely, it may not be possible to repair it by patching or relining. This often happens where tree roots have infiltrated a drain and the pipe is too severely damaged to be simply patched or relined. When this happens, we dig a trench down to the pipe and replace it.

There are several factors which determine whether it is necessary to excavate a drain rather than using a no-dig solution:

The pipe material. Drainage pipes have been made of many different materials over the years. Your drainage pipes could be made from pitch fibre, clay, metal, plastic or even concrete. As time goes by each of these materials is affected in a different way and this affects whether we are able to repair sections remotely or must excavate and replace them.

The ground surrounding the pipe. Freezing soil around drainage pipes can cause them to crack and break. In some cases the soil around the pipe can shift and cause the drain to break. In these cases sometimes the pipe will need to be excavated and replaced.

Tree roots. If a tree root has infiltrated a drainage pipe relining cannot usually resolve the problem. We will need to excavate it and replace it with a new pipe whilst perhaps also cutting back the tree root.

Persistent or immovable blockages. Sometimes a pipe can become blocked with something that just cannot be cleared by usual means. This is a rare occurrence but when it does happen, it means we will need to excavate the affected section of pipe work and replace the blocked section.

Luckily here at London Drain Solutions we specialise in drain excavation and reinstatement, no matter how deep or complex the project is.

Our expert engineers have many years’ experience in all aspects of drain repair, excavation and replacement. We hold Street Works licenses and are able to work in roads and on pavements and in other public spaces where necessary.

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