What is drain patch lining?

When a drainage pipe has an isolated crack or fracture it is often preferable to repair this with a patch rather than relining a whole section of pipe or excavating the pipework to replace the damaged section.

No-dig patch lining is a cost-effective and quick method of repair which is often favoured by property owners and insurance companies alike.

How does patch lining work?

A special resin is applied to the patch, which is made from fibreglass matting. This is then put into the drainage pipe at the nearest inspection chamber and moved into position. We use an inflatable packer to do this, and once the patch is in the correct place we inflate the packer. This presses the patch against the wall of the pipe, covering the crack or defect with resin and sealing it. Once the resin is cured, our equipment is removed, leaving the patch securely in place.

How much does trenchless sewer repair cost?

Patch lining is the preferred alternative to excavation and reinstatement because it is more cost effective and can be done much more quickly and with less upheaval.

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