What is drainage pipe relining?

Relining drainage pipes is often an effective way to avoid axcavating and replacing cracked pipes. Having a cracked or broken pipe doesn’t necessarily mean it will need to be replaced. In many cases where the damage is not too severe we can repair cracked drainage pipes by relining them.

How does trenchless sewer line replacement work?

A damaged sewer pipe can sometimes be repaired remotely, using inversion technology to seal and protect the inside of the pipe.

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Where a crack or hole is an isolated issue in a drainage pipe drain lining can be a longer lasting solution. Felt infused with resin is pushed into place along the length of the pipe, creating a long-lasting sealed lining along that section of pipe.

Why reline my drainage pipes?

Drain relining can save both money and time and remains a very popular solution. Relining pipes can be done remotely, without the need to dig up large sections of your land to replace pipework.

Under normal circumstances, drain relining is guaranteed for ten years.

Where a more robust solution is required we use a German system called Brawoliner. It is an epoxy resin system capable of lining around 90° bends in pipework without creasing. Brawoliner is an effective way of repairing pipework that requires a more heavy duty approach.

We are an accredited installer of drain relining systems and Brawoliner systems with over twenty years’ experience in all types of drainage repair.

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