For help with drainage solutions in Wandsworth, get in touch with London Drain Solutions today. For over 30 years we have been helping clients in Wandsworth and the surrounding area with their drainage issues and we can help you too. Our engineers are all highly skilled, trained and experienced in all kinds of drainage problems, no matter how complex or difficult.

Can my drains be repaired without digging?

These days many leaking drainage pipes can be repaired without the need to dig. We work with no-dig drainage solutions wherever possible, ranging from patch lining a small crack or hole to relining a section of pipework to re-rounding a collapsed pipe. Trenchless drain repair is a quick and cost effective way to deal with drainage problems with minimal upheaval.

How do I know if my drains can be repaired?

We are happy to visit your property and carry out a full survey. We will then advise you of the best course of action, providing a no-obligation quote for all work. With years of experience we are usually able to tell whether a drainage pipe can be repaired remotely or will require some digging.

What if my drains cannot be repaired without digging?

If your drain repair in Wandsworth requires excavation and reinstatement we are fully equipped to deal with this. With many years of experience in all types of drainage repairs, we also have Street Works licenses. This means that if work needs to be carried out in a public area we can help with this too. We can help to get your drains working properly with as little disruption as possible.

What if my drainage problem in Wandsworth is complicated?

We are experts in complicated drainage problems, in Wandsworth and further afield. We will assign a dedicated project manager to your case who will liaise with all interested parties on your behalf, from your insurance company, loss adjusters and solicitors to the local council, the Highways Agency and even your neighbours. With our experience and expertise we can iron out any potential problems and have your drainage issue resolved quickly with minimal disturbance for you or other interested parties.

Can I claim on my insurance for drainage repairs?

Many buildings insurance policies will cover drains within the bounds of your property. You can rest assured that we will assist you in making sure any insurance claim is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible; we have our own loss adjuster who will help to present your claim to the insurance company in the best way to allow everything to move along swiftly.

Get in touch with our specialist team who will work with you to ensure your claim moves as quickly as possible.

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